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For the 29-plus years, I have been in the health and fitness industry, I am astonished that many people think that if a food or meal is healthy, it can't also be delicious. This is possibly a remaining artifact in the collective subconscious of a failed rice-cake diet of 1986. In any event, food should taste good. And food should be enjoyed while being simultaneously healthy.

Do you like the taste of butter?

For many people, the answer is a profound yes, absolutely or who doesn't? And I agree. However, for many people, it's followed by a sense that butter is not healthy. While there has been extensive debate regarding the healthfulness of butter over the years (for the record, I do not believe butter is bad fat.) I'm not suggesting it's as healthy as olive oil but used occasionally, could be part of a healthy diet.

Now, wouldn't it be great if there existed a butter that tastes like butter but was indeed as healthy as olive oil? Or better yet, even healthier than olive oil while retaining a great buttery taste?

Good News.

It does exist. It's called Liquid Gold Macadamia Nut Oil. And while the omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acid ratio is better than olive oil, which is good for heart and brain health, the taste is undeniably richer than olive oil.

Macadamia nut oil is packed with heart-healthy monounsaturated fats and antioxidants, making it a great choice for anyone looking to improve their overall health and wellness.

And with Cooking With Gold, you'll learn how to incorporate this amazing oil into your daily cooking routine.

My recipes cover a wide range of meals and snacks, from:

  • Hearty Breakfasts
  • Quick N Easy Lunches
  • Satisfying dinners
  • Everything in between! 

Start cooking with the world's healthiest oil today and experience the delicious and nutritious benefits of macadamia nut oil for yourself!

I use mac oil to cook: veggies, fish, pork, and beef. I even spay it on the grill before I cook the chicken to make it nonstick. Lastly, I love to spray the pan before I make eggs. Non-stick and healthy!

The omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acid ratio is better than olive oil, which is good for heart and brain health, the taste is undeniably richer than olive oil. All these recipes use Liquid Gold Macadamia Nut Oil by Strength Genesis for 100% purity.

You might think that you're cooking with butter - but this is healthy for sure.

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Keto friendly

"This is one of my go to dressings for salads and as a marinade!! Keto friendly to boot. I would highly recommend this dressing."

Frank M
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Liquid gold

Strength Genesis Australian Macadamia Nut Oil is indeed liquid gold. Featuring cold pressed macadamia nut oil authentically sourced from Australia, everyone who wants to experience the best should try Australian Macadamia Nut Oil.

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