SG Cool Hydra ICE Towel - (2 pack)

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Strength Genesis Beat The Heat

SG Cool Hydra ICE Towels (2-pack) offer instant relief from heat.

For decades, athletes have used cold to avoid heatstroke, boost performance, and re-energize. Cold showers and air conditioning are great, but not always available.

When training at the gym, doing yoga, running or rowing, or simply outdoors on a hot day, SG Cool Hydra ICE Towels are perfect. Soak in water, snap a few times and receive an instant cooling effect.

Use the towel as a bandanna or draped around your neck and back for fast relief. Lowering body temperature refreshes and invigorates, ensuring comfort and safety.

Product Features:

  • Chemical-Free
  • Absorbs sweat
  • Irritation free
  • Safe for children and pets
  • May provide relief for headaches and migraines

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**Note: This is a personal item and cannot be returned after use


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