Pur Pressure Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

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Pur Pressure Smart Blood Pressure Monitor 

We have partnered with our friends from Pur Well Living to offer this amazing Blood pressure monitor! 

While an alarming 33% of adults have high and potentially dangerous blood pressure - monitoring it doesn’t have to be difficult. 

It used to be that you could only accurately monitor your blood pressure at your physician’s office

Then drug stores became a place - offering kiosks located adjacent to the pharmacy. 

Now, you can accurately monitor and manage your blood pressure at home - with a best-in-class, World Health Organization (WHO) indicated Smart Monitor. 

The standard in blood pressure management!

Professional Blood Pressure Monitor Product Features:

  • Smart - Irregular heartbeat (IHB) indicator - best in the market in this class 
  • Easy - One-button start and stop measurement 
  • Large - easy to read LCD display 
  • Convenient - wide cuff range (22cm-32cm)
  • Versatile - 2 users, 90 measurement memory sets 
  • Economical - Automatic power off 
  • Durable - double-stitched extra strength fabric 
  • Compliant - World Health Organization (WHO) classification indicator

For true blood pressure readings - measure at several times throughout the day and share the results with your physician’s office. 

Blood Pressure Monitor with Irregular Heartbeat Detector:

Irregular heartbeats are changes in normal heart functions. These are typically missed beats, added beats, or a fluttering. Ultimately, they indicate that the heart is working differently than it should. And they can note a serious issue with your health.

There are many types of irregular heartbeats. Many of these are non-life-threatening but several are and require immediate attention. Because of this, it is important to immediately seek medical care if you experiencing palpitations, pounding in the chest, or chest pain, among others,

With this home monitoring device, you can detect if an irregular heartbeat is causing a misread in blood pressure readings. Allowing you to take immediate action in finding a medical provider.

At-Home Blood Pressure Monitor:
  • Accurate blood pressure readings - give you dependable and reliable measurements
  • Identify high blood pressure - readings to take real-time action
  • Quickly and efficiently - monitor and track your family's health
  • Portable enough - to take anywhere and everywhere
  • Giving You Peace of Mind - All Day. Every Day.


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