How Influencers Are Using Worlds Healthiest Cooking Oil

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Over the last few weeks at Strength Genesis we’ve had the opportunity to work with several influencers such as Cooking At Pams Place, Unni Greene, and Lean With Angeline. Pam, Unni, and Angeline all shared creative ways to utilize the Worlds Healthiest Cooking Oil.

Pam From Cooking At Pam’s Place Replaces Butter Over Her Snacks

Love buttery popcorn? Pam utilizes SG Mac Nut Oil as a topping for her snacks.

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Unni Greene Makes A Simple Zucchini Dish

Unni cooks her zucchini in our SG Macadamia Nut Oil which gives a buttery flavor to vegetables, meats, and eggs.

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Angeline Makes A Delicious Dressing For Her Salad

Angeline from Lean With Angeline makes a simply and tasty salad, substituting Macadamia Nut Oil in the dressing.

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