Could You Be Lacking Essential Fats Within Your Diet?

Dietary Fats

For some individuals, dietary fat tends to still have a bad reputation.

Most of you know by now but it's worth repeating, eating fat doesn’t make you fat.

Furthermore, it won't necessarily increase your risk of heart disease or stroke.

In fact, fat is an essential part of your diet.

Your body needs dietary fat for many different biological processes with proper hormone responses leading the way.

Not getting enough fat can make it harder for your body to function the way it should and can lead to health issues.

However, the Keto Community teaches that dietary fat should be approximately 80-percent of your diet.

I believe that number is too high, too difficult to maintain and unnecessary.

There is a happy medium and fats play a crucial role.

All fats are not created equally.

I'll stand behind increasing dietary fats if it is the right kind of fats.

Let's take a look....


Here are 5-signs that you may be low in dietary fats.


1. Dermatitis (skin inflammation)

Research at the National Institute of Health has found that fat is an essential part of the structure of your skin cells and helps your skin maintain its moisture barrier.

If you don’t get enough dietary fat, it could affect the health of your skin and lead to dermatitis.

Dermatitis” is a general term to describe inflamed skin.

Dermatitis caused by a dietary fat deficiency often presents itself as dry, scaly rashes.


2. Slow wound healing

According to additional N.I.H. research, your body needs fat to create many important molecules that control your body’s inflammatory response.

Low dietary fat intake could disrupt this response and lead to slow wound healing.

Deficiencies in fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin C and vitamin D can also cause wounds to heal more slowly than they should.

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3. Hair loss

(Maybe this is what happened to me)

Fatty molecules in your body called prostaglandins promote hair growth.

Consuming too little essential fat could change your hair texture, and Research suggests it could also increase the risk of hair loss on your scalp or eyebrows.

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4. Frequent sickness

Severely restricting fat intake can weaken your immune system and lead to more frequent illnesses.

Your body needs dietary fat to produce several molecules that stimulate the activity of your immune cells.

Essential fatty acids are also important for the growth of immune cells.

In particular, your body needs the omega-3 fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid and the omega-6 fatty acid linoleic acid for this purpose.


5. Increased hunger and food cravings

“When not consuming enough fat, it is common to have cravings as the body triggers appetite in order to get what it needs.”


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