Lenten Fat Loss Special

Looking for a delicious Fish dinner that will help you burn more body fat all      night long?

Good News!

I thought I'd share a client's favorite recipe, Blackened salmon!

From my book Cooking with Gold Download Here

For a buttery but healthy taste, cook it in Mac Oil (taste like Butter)

Available online at StrengthGenesis.com

It will help you with weight control and to be healthy.

Here are the ingredients:

Here are the directions.
It's simple.
Note:  If it seems like I'm a fan of Macadamia Nut Oil it's because I am.  It's proven to be the best cooking oil for so many reasons.

    Honestly, its the best cooking oil available Austrailian Macadamia Nut Oil (taste like Butter)


    As a Client, you receive the greatest savings. 

    Supplements are available at a VIP Discount.

    In Both Studio Buildings

    (To purchase - Sign out on provided sheet)

    The method that is proven to consistently work:


    For My Private clients it's:

    1. Build metabolism with exercise - 20 percent

    2. Control glucose with diet - 40 percent

    3. Be Accountable & track progress - 40 percent

    Together they = 100-percent!

    Individually they do not work for long-term success.

    If you know of someone who is a good fit for our program for any number of reasons:

    • Fat/Weight Loss
    • Improved Strength
    • Improved Immune System
    • Improved Health
    • Improved Bone Density
    • Decreased Medications
    • Muscular/Joint Disorders

    Please have them contact us.


    I will make sure they are well treated and given all the tools for success.


    I look forward to seeing you soon!

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