Would you rather reduce pain or drop body fat?

Question: Would you rather reduce pain or drop body fat?

I guess the answer depends...but the good news is you can do both!

Fish oil supplements are a popular alternative for those looking to relieve joint pain.

It is made up of omega-3 fatty acids which contain anti-inflammatory properties.
These fatty acids play a role in providing pain relief to many of your body's joints
Because fish oil has anti-inflammatory properties, it may help treat conditions involving chronic inflammation such as blood vessels of the heart and brain.

In addition, fish oil can do other amazing benefits such as:

  • Assists in body fat management
  • Helps lower Triglycerides
  • Enables cellular repair
  • Heart health (help reduce the risk)
  • Assists in blood pressure control
  • Supports cognitive function
It needs to be the right kind of fish oil (cold-processed and molecularly distilled) to make sure that the oil actually contains the beneficial omega properties.
Most fish oils sold OTC do not.
Therefore they provide little benefits and what's worse, once the fish oil has been heated in the distillation process, the oil itself may become carcinogenic.
In addition, fish oil needs to have a solid ratio of 3:2 greater of EPA/DHA.


Omega-3 Prescription Strength
DHA is more expensive and many companies skimp on adding this super fatty acid.

 Lastly, the fish oil needs to be strong enough and taken appropriately for an individual's weight.

 Under 100-lbs - 1 softgel/day

  • 100-150lbs - 2 softgel/day
  • 150-200lbs - 3 softgel/day
  • Over 200lbs - 4 softgel/day

If more than 1 softgel/day, can either take morning, evening or for best results, split AM/PM.


Either on empty stomach or with food. Store in a cool dark place, away from heat. Can be refrigerated or frozen.


*For joint relief Omega-3 needs to build up in your system.  Results can begin to be felt within 10-14 days for low to mid joint pain relief.  Provides relief throughout the entire body.

Omega-3 Prescription Strength

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