Having A Guilt Free Thanksgiving... What To Know


Yesterday I held an emergency meeting for my clients.

Here is the link to the replay

​Topic: Thanksgiving Weekend Survival

Between Thanksgiving and New Years Day:

  • Women gain - 5lbs
  • Men gain -7lbs

We learned survival tips to keep your weight in check during this time of year!

Game-plan and strategy to attack the next few weeks

  • How to eat foods that will diminish cravings
  • How to drink alcohol in a way to minimize fat gain
  • The pre-party strategy that I use to prevent poor choices
  • Post-party detox
  • And more..
Whether you work with me and my team, attended one of my workshops or still have not decided to begin your journey, I want you to succeed.
Here are my notes:

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Pre-Meal -
1. Drink 12oz water before all meals:
  • This is good advice anytime and will curb your appetite.
  • AM reduces carb cravings for the day
  • PM reduces carb craving the next day
 It will lower your blood sugar and help you drop fat.
3. Add High Octane MCT Oil in coffee, tea or protein shake:
  • This will both decrease cravings and lower blood sugar
  • It will help you drop body fat
4. Trick - Push the sugar into your muscles before a meal
  • Pushups/planks/sit-ups etc
Cold Processed Omega-3 Fish Oil
Meal Time -
5. Watch liquid calories:
  • Soda pop or juice (should be a never)
  • Limit alcohol - two total glasses
  • It will help you drop fat with the salad, especially compared to other dressings.
7. Avoid Dumb Mistakes
There is no need for two things:
  • Bread
  • Corn
Origin Keto Salad Dressing


Post Meal -
8. Friday is the most important day of the year.
Your day MUST be clean!
If not, you can drift for months
9. Friday/Sat/Sun Drink New Zealand Grass Fed Protein Shake if craving
  • Mix with water at least once if not twice/day
  • It will fuel your muscles (metabolism) and prevent blood sugar spike/crash
10. Make your workouts!

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