The Comeback - WeightLoss

I know it can be tough to lose weight and improve fitness.

Yesterday alone, I had three clients ask me if they could postpone their Body Fat scans so that they could 'get their act together.'

I had one woman tell me that she was a 'holiday failure' and she was too embarrassed to face her numbers.

First, I want to tell you that I understand.

I've been through this myself.

I think that sometimes clients believe that I am a robot and have never struggled with my weight, diet, or willpower.

That is not the case.

I was once 244lbs and weight loss, diet or anything to do with fitness for that matter DID NOT come easy to me.

How To Improve:


I can promise you that the longer you TRY to improve, the quicker you WILL improve.

See, weight loss, diet and willpower are all skills.

The longer you practice it the Right Way - the better you'll get.

It's like playing a musical instrument, learning golf or mathematics, the longer you follow the right principles, the better you get.

How to Avoid Failure:

Secondly, no one who is still practicing is a 'failure.'

The only way to fail in anything in life is to quit.

The woman who told me she was a 'failure' was working out hard three days per week, whereas 93-percent of the American population was not.

It would have been easy for her to sleep in and not try at all.

Furthermore, she had already dropped over 12lbs of fat and was working on getting stronger, improving bone density, moving better and feeling better.

Does that sound like a failure?

Now I understand that the end of the holiday season is difficult.

Many people gained weight and body fat.

Some clients have had not-so-good body fat scans in the past week.

However, no worries.

Now is the perfect time for a comeback - and I'll help you!

Beginning today and for the rest of the week follow these three simple principles:

1. Avoid high glycemic foods (grains, sugars, starches)

2. Eat three times per day (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

3. Nothing after dinner

I have also included my Sample Day Guideline below:

Sample Eating Schedule: This works for MOST people unless otherwise specified.

  1. 530-600am- wakeup
  2. Pre Workout
  3. 600-630am - Begin workout
  4. 700am- 1-2 scoops of Strength Genesis New Zealand Grass-Fed Whey Protein
  5. Coffee with MTC Oil
  6. 700am Omega – 3 Molecularly Distilled Cold Pressed Fish Oil
  7. 800am – Eggs, veggies, meats
  8. 12am – Chicken, fish, turkey, beef - salad
  9. 300pm - Protein shake  – 2 scoops of Strength Genesis New Zealand Grass-Fed Whey Protein
  10. 600-630pm – Chicken, fish, beef, pork with veggies (Any dinner in Carb stip book)  cook in Australian macadamia nut oil
  11. 1000-1030pm – Bed

*Non-workout days,  

  • 6am breakfast
  • 12noon Lunch
  • 6pm Dinner
  • Keep supplements the same other than post-workout protein drink
I hope this helps!