How To Use Grass Fed Protein In A Smoothie


All the dietary talk is about fat or carbs, think Keto diet or Low Carb.

But in my opinion, protein steals the show.

The work Protein is a Greek word that translates into Primary Importance.

It is needed and essential for us in order to live.

Protein can increase your metabolism and the calories burned for the day.

This will lead to further fat loss when done correctly


TEF refers to how many calories you burn while digesting your food. Each macronutrient (Protein, Carbohydrate, Fat) is different:

  • Fat: roughly 0-5% of calories are used when processing
  • Carbs: roughly 5-10% of calories are used when processing
  • Protein: roughly 20-35% of calories are used when processing

Protein takes a lot more energy to process than both carbs and fats. 

This is good for fat loss.

The TEF benefits of protein with the combination of some of the other benefits of eating protein can synergistically work together to help you consume fewer calories while burning more calories from the food you’re eating...

Setting you up for better fat loss results by decreasing your caloric intake and increasing your caloric burn for the day.

Strength Genesis Grass Fed Whey Protein

TikTok Influencer Veggie Tales Mom

Tiktok influencer Veggietalesmom aka Samantha understands the importance of including protein into her diet. 

Samantha uses our SG Grass Fed Whey Protein in the flavor chocolate to give her smoothies the boost they need. 

Full Recipe Video:

Checkout the full reel on our instagram at the link below

Protein Smoothie Recipe