Drinking Black Ants - That Sounds Crazy!

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Drinking Blank Ants?

Does that sound crazy?

Why would someone consider drinking Black Ant powder?

What are the benefits and what does it do?

I had read that Black Ant Powder had some amazing benefits such as:

  • High in absorbable protein
  • Rich source of Zinc
  • Aids in the production of energy especially before exercise
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So after hearing the benefits, I thought I might consider giving Black Ant a try.

But before I did I thought I’d do some more research.

Now I wasn’t able to find too much conventional research on Black Ant Powder.

However, what I did find seem intriguing Polyrhachis vicina.

These ants live up high in the mountains and are often found among ginseng roots.

The premiere Qi tonic of Chinese Herbalism.*

While ginseng is the most well-known, and a premiere Qi tonic by itself, Ant is known to be even stronger and more effective.

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The nutritional consistency is that Black Ant is a good source of Vitamins:

  • B1, B2, B12, D and E
  • Complete Protein Source (42-67% by mass)
  • Contains all 9-Essential Amino Acids and 17 of 22 total amino acids
  • Rich source of Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, Manganese, Selenium, Zinc and other trace elements
  • In fact, it’s considered by some to contain the highest amount of zinc
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Purported Benefits of Black Ant Powder Include:

  • Premiere energy tonic (provides direct ATP)* Strength builder*
  • Double direction immune system modulation*
  • May build stress resistance* Superior Liver and Kidney tonic in Chinese Medicine*
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Other good sources of Zinc:

  • Oysters - 6 medium oysters providing 32 mg
  • Alaskan King Crab - 7.6 mg
  • Raw mushrooms - Highest among vegetables but low overall (0.4 mg)
  • Kale - High among vegetables but low overall (0.3 mg)

Raw black ant powder contains 120mg-180mg of zinc per 1000 grams.

Which is the highest of any food and 4x Oysters, the second-highest!

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What does all this mean?

It's hard to say....

In full transparency, I have now taken Black Ant powder for almost a month.

Also, it tastes like dirt.


 I masked the taste and used it in conjunction with Pur Pre Workout Drink.


Pur Pre Workout has a stronger cherry-pineapple taste and Branch Chain Amino Acids, Beet Root powder.


Furthermore, it is sugar-free and Sucralose free making it healthy, Keto and Paleo-friendly.
Q) Does it make me feel better?

A) Maybe. I certainly don’t feel worse.

Q) Has it made me stronger?

A) Hard to tell.

Q) Has it helped me with zinc?

A) Once again, hard to tell. Since I eat grass-fed beef at least once a week and use Pur-Zealander Grass Fed Protein (which is loaded with Zinc)

Now I wouldn't start with just Black Ant Powder.

It is the 41st most important thing to do, with the top three being:

  1. Omega 3 Molecularly Distilled Cold Processed Fish Oil
  2. Australian Macadamia Nut Oil Cold Pressed
  3. SG High Octane MCT Oil 500ML Bottle



Is all Blank Ant Powder the same?

All Black Ant Powder is not the same.  Polyrhachis Vicina Black Ant becomes the # 1 Highest Bio-Available source of Zinc in the natural kingdom when concentrated in an extract form in a ratio of 10:1.  There are a few other Black Ant powders on the market that have lesser concentrations, some 20:1 and even 30:1.

How do you take Black Ant Powder?

It can be taken in water and stirred as a quick mixture, but I feel that it tastes like dirt.  Instead, I have found the most success mixing it with a Pre-Workout Drink that is sweetened with Stevia like Pur Pre Workout by Strength Genesis.  I also have mixes black ant powder with electrolyte powder or multi-vitamin powder all sweetened with Stevia. 

Are there any side effects of Black Ant Powder?

There are very few reported side effects of pure Black Ant Powder.  It is possible that someone could have an intolerance or allergic reaction to Black Ant Powder.  In research, the most common side effects of Black Ant Powder were potentially skin irritation and/or stimulant-like effects.  However, it appears that these conditions might be from supplement manufacturers adding additional ingredients and chemicals to Black Ant Powder and marketing them as sports supplements than the Black Ant Powder itself.


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