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How to choose your ROPE for greatest calorie burn

Battling Ropes are a great way to get a total body workout and burn a ton of calories.   I am beginning a new video series called The High Octane Dad.   I thought I’d start the series off by explaining the different types of Battling Ropes available and give my recommendations if you were looking to use [Read More…]

21 Best Keto Foods for Fat Burning

With many people either having gained weight during COVID or just maintaining higher weight/fat than they desire, I wanted to re-share my 21 Best Keto Foods. Now, I don’t teach Keto. It’s too difficult and unnecessary. Furthermore, anyone who tells me they are starting Keto, usually tells me they have quit Keto within a few weeks. There [Read More…]

48 Hour Rule: Sugar detox (fat loss & wellness)

48 Hour Rule sugar detox

48 Hour Rule: Sugar detox (fat loss & wellness) The 48-hour rule  I might use this rule more than all others.    What is the 48 Hour Rule? Here’s the deal: Clients mention to me that they sometimes ‘struggle’ with their diets. Struggle is code word for eating poorly for an extended period of time. Especially [Read More…]

Ages 40 to 65: #1 Fitness TIP to change your life

Fitness TIP ages 40-65

Are you ages 40 – 65 +? What are your goals? Lose weight? Become fit and healthy? Reduce and/or eliminate medications? Alleviate pain? Live life with the energy that you want? All of the above? While there is no one cure for results, there is one common theme – “Routine” Sample Eating Schedule – General Ages 40-65 530-600am- wakeup [Read More…]